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We strive to provide the highest quality of auto body refinishing workmanship and pride ourselves in customer satisfaction.

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  • Pltetroo

    Some inconsiderate individual slammed their door onto the side of my grand prix. The result was a quarter sized dimple–quite obvious. Tan more than met my expectations with no drilling or body putty. He magically massaged the damage away. I highly recommend the very professional job done at  my home and at a very reasonable price.   Paul

  • Ed_li

    Tan made a fairly deep dent disappear on my wife’s CRV a few months back; so when I discovered two small dents on my motorcycle’s gas tank, I called him up.

    It took him a while as motorcycle dents are harder to get rid of. But he did it, my Suzuki’s gas tank now looks totally new again.

    Thanks Tan.

  • Stew

    I was bummed out when my 6 month old Sonata recieved a dent in the front fender. It was anout 6 inches across and 3/4 inch deep. Tan worked his magic on the car and the dent is totally, I mean Totally, gone. I could not be happier with his work!! Nice guy too!
    Thanks so much Tan!

  • Carole

    My new Jeep Patriot was vandalized with a huge kick to the back quarter panel right on the crease.  I was so upset and embarrassed by the dent, when Tan brought my car back to me I was shocked and in tears actually.  I couldn’t believe the dent was completely removed!  I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much Tan! 

  • Mark Remming

    I had some heavy boxes fall off a shelf in the garage and land on the hood of my brand new 2011 crossover.  One of the larger dents was in a crease on the hood.  I was very skeptical when Tan said he would be able to fix my vehicle as new, but that’s exactly what he did.  He was able to get all the dents out and make my car like new again and at a 1/3 of the price 2 autobody shops quoted.  And to top it off, Tan came to our house and made the repairs in our garage in just a few hours.  Not only did Tan do a perfect job on our vehicle, but his approach to customer service was outstanding.  My wife and I are absolutely thrilled.  I will most definitely recommend Dent Vision and will never go to a body shop without first checking with Tan.  Thank you very much Tan!  You are nothing short of a miracle worker. 

  • Justin Mc

    Tan is a miracle worker. Seriously, if everyone took this much pride in their work, the world would be a much happier place. We’re not just satisfied, we’re THRILLED!

  • Mike

    Tan is a miracle worker, he fixed 1 dent and 1 crease for me. Saved me a ton of money and I was extremely skeptical when he said he could remove the crease. He did as he said and surpassed my expectations! Any future dents on my F150 and you have my business Tan! Also he fixed 2 other co-workers trucks while at my office! Words can’t explain the work you do. Thanks Tan

  • Paul

    Seeing is believing in this body repair magician. Tan has the hands of a surgeon when it comes to repairing my dent in the tailgate of my Dakota. His mobile office is well equiped to mend any type of dents. I would trust this guy to satisfy any future problems that I encounter. I would recommend him to anybody I know. Great job Tan. From Paul in Surrey.

  • Vic K.

    Tan did an amazing job on my BMW M3, which had dents on both quarter panel with creases. Another Dent guy in vancouver wanted to 1) charge me more money 2) wanted to drill holes into both side door jams!!… I decided not to get it done there, and I noticed his Dentvision van on the freeway and gave him a call. He is a nice guy, great prices, comes right to you, and did they job NO DRILLING. The results were perfect! I am definitely keeping him in my contacts for future needs.

  • Ken Thompson

    I learned about Tan from a friend who had some of Tan’s magic done on one of his vehicles.

    Tan is very meticulous and also has a great personality!
    He just finished working on my Harley Davidson fendor that had a deep crease like dent that was very noticeable.  Tan worked his “magic” and you can’t even tell that there was anything there.  All of this without any drilling, painting etc.
    I have reccomended him to others right after he was finished.

    Tan, great job!!

  • Rajan

    Wow I am amazed at the job Tan did on my X5. There was a huge dent on the rear quarter panel and I actually tried to fiddle around with it to pop it back in place but Tan came and in an instant saw the problem..and he could tell I had tried to fix it ! He worked on it patiently and fixed the dent. Looks brand new you can’t even tell there was ever a dent there. NO DRILLING ! Simply put, Tan is a miracle worker and I would never recommend anyone else. Oh and he came on such short notice I really appreciate that. Also has a wonderful personality.

  • Saif

    Tan. thank you for making the hood of my BMW dent free again….Job well done!!!

  • Nowell Hinch

    Nobody wanted to touch the dents in the aluminum hood of my Cadillac CTS….Tan said “let me at it” and like magic, he proceeded to remove every one of them…..more than being a masterful technician, Tan is an out-right nice guy and goes about his work with enthusiastic opimism….incidentally; Tan did the repairs at night—outdoors—in freezing temperatures !!

  • Pheona

    Thank you very much for the amazing work you did on my 2011 SRX Cadillac.


  • Spackel11

    Thank You so much for your incredible work. I was amazed at how fast you came out to fix our 2011 gmc Acadia! We called and sent you a picture of the dent and within minutes you called back with a quote at supper time. By the time we finished eating you were here to fix the dents and within an hour I could not even tell that there were dents there. You even fixed what someone else tried to fix! I will forever come to you and refer all my friends and co-workers to you! YOU ARE AMAZING at what you do! It is not hard to tell you take pride in your work.

    Thank you again, Stacey and Bill
    Surrey BC

  • Bobginn

    Tan is like the eighth wonder of the world.  Tan is clearly a professional in love with his profession!  He is meticulous in his work and makes damage look like it never existed. Don’t let anyone touch your dent before calling Tan.

    Bob, Langley, BC.

  • Aorourke

    Tan, you’re an artist who clearly takes great pride in your work. It’s impossible to tell that I ever had a dent in the area you fixed on my Subaru.  You showed up when you said you would and in below zero temperatures you made me happy that I didn’t go to a bricks and mortar body shop.  Oh, and you saved me money too!

    Thanks again, Anne
    Surrey, BC

  • Jim O

    Called Tan this morning Dec.30/11 to fix dent on the side front panel of my Hyundai Genesis. In just over an hour, he was done and I was very impressed with the result as I couldn’t even tell there was a dent there before. Craftmanship at it’s best with a smile and he saved me Money too. Thank you for a good job,Tan

  • Homeofthefinerides

    I would like to say the work that was done nobody else could do.I thought I would have to get the panel painted which I hate as a dealer.It was repaired absoluteley perfect.Sevice was fantastic,on time,priced well @ very courteous.thanks again Martin Ford

  • Brad

    I have dealt with Tan on two occassions in the last year or so and both times did a very nice job.  Tan does NOT cut corners to get the job done faster.  On both occassion he removed interior panels etc.  You can tell that Tan is a perfectionist and these days it is very rare to find Tradesmen that take pride in their work.  Tan keep up the great work you do.  

  • Alex

    Tan fixed the dents on my BMW X3 today.  One baseball size dent on the tail gate took him a while to remove, it proved that he is a perfectionist.  He even touched up couple of scratches for free.  Execellent craftmanship and service!

    Alex, Vancouver, BC.

  • Russ

    I was very happy with Tan’s work in my wife’s 2006 Honda.  I do some old car restoration and I really didn’t think the dent could be fixed with out removing/replacing the fender.  Tan is a genius! 

    Russ, Maple Ridge BC

  • David

    I would like to thank Tan for a great job on my e34,he s very good at what he does takes great pride in his work,service was exceptional,online estimate was quick…..would recommend Dent Vision to every body i know!!!!!!!!!

  • Grant

    Tan did a great job on my BMW, couldn’t be happier. He really knows what he’s doing and customer service immaculate. Tan is a master at what he does and I highly recommend his work.

  • Brry

    From the first time I spoke with Tan till the completion of the job I could not be happier.The job Tan did n my 2007 Dodge Ram was excellent.Pulling the dent and crease from the side of the box and making it look as good as new is unbelievable.I can not believe the result.I have no hesitation in recommending Dentvision to anyone who needs this kind of work done.professional from start to finnish.

  • Scouterlaurie

    WOW!!!  Talk about an artisan at work!!!  Some people would have just robotically banged the dent out & sent their customer on my way.  But instead, Tan gently removed it with patience, care & passion.  His work is the proof.  Not only that – my car isn’t even a luxury car but rather a 10 yr old Honda CRV.  This says something about the man himself.  And to find such artisans nowadays – is extremely rare.  Thank you Tan (from the bottom of my heart).

  • Bin


    Just got my WRB STi fixed. All I can say is WOW. I detailed
    my car couple days ago, and found there was an approximately 3-inch long dent
    over the rear wheel right on the body line. Tan took about an hour to fix it. It’s
    just amazing. Now if I have another dent (hopefully not) I know who I need to
    call LOL.

  • Rachel Martin

    When I dented my Jeep Liberty I was at my wit’s end. My bumper was SMOOSHED with a huge indent! Based on previous experience with car shops, I was sure that the dent would cause a huge financial burden and added stress that I was not at all prepared for. After some online research, I found ‘Dent Vision’ and contacted Dent Vision. Tan got back to me right away and provided a quote that I could not believe. A reasonable repair? It seemed too good to be true! But Tan was at my house the very next morning, and before I knew it I was looking at a dentless truck again! I can’t believe how perfectly he restored my jeep. It’s actually like the dent never happened. Not only that, but the dent didn’t “dent” my pocket. I can say nothing but good things about Tan and Dent Vision, and suggest you don’t think twice about going any where else to fix your dent. If you want speedy service, perfect craftsmanship, and an extremely honest technician to repair your dent, contact Dent Vision and you won’t be disappointed. Thank-you Tan for everything!

  • Grant B

    The process is amazing. I literally watched the dint disappear, my BMW looks like new again. Great service and my hat is off to a true professional tradesman, Tan. Thank you and I will be recommending your service to all my friends. This is an sevice no one should miss out on, if you love your car you will love the care Tan gives when fixing your little problems.

  • Dbosma

    hey there. just had you fix the dent on my front end . AMAZING!!! just like new, no need to go a body shop when you get awesome work like this! THANKYOU Tan, I am a completely satisfied customer. Will pass out your cards! Debbie

  • Bruce

    I had dents on both my wife’s Highlander and my Prius and within a day both cars were repaired flawlessly!  Tan showed up when he said he would (refreshing given some tradespeople) and he was done on time and on budget.  As a bonus, the cars did not have to leave our garage.  Tan you do great work and I will be recommending you to all my friends and family.  Bruce

  • Rik

    I am amazed at the quality of workmanship shown by Tan today as he fixed my wife’s 09 Saturn VUE. There is absolutely no one else I would go to to get my work done in the future. No matter what you charge, Tan I will still come see you! Great job!

  • David

    I found a light dent on the top my ’11 Subaru Forester hood just past the hood deflector. Craftxxxx said can’t be done with PDR and must take my vehicle in for repair and repaint the hood. I emailed Dentvision and Tan contacted me shortly. He looked at the dent and said he can do it. The rest as they say, is history. Very satisfied. A+ job Tan.

    Richmond, BC

  • Al olson

    I had my 2001 Miata stored for the winter. I took it off the stands and brought it home, washed the car and put it in the garage. With in a few days a small chair fell from a storage shelf above the car hitting it on the right rear fender at a compound curve. I inquired at a couple of places about having it repaired and was told due to the location it would need body work and a paint job on the fender.
    I saw a truck with Dent Vision and his phone number when I was stopped at a red light. I called Tan and was pleased to hear him say, you own the white Miata with the 2 dents on the rear fender – “I can fix that”.
    Fix it he did – Thank You Tan!
    You wouldn’t know there had been an issue.
    I would be happy to refer anyone I know who could use his services.

  • Scott

    I had a dent on my 2004 harley davidson gas tank that I thought I could never get out due to the paint job and physically where the dent was on the corner of the tank. I took it to various places and no one was willing to work on it and said I had to go to a professional body shop where i assume would cost me over a thousand dollars.. I went into trev deeley motorcycle and they gave me the number for Tan. I can not belive the dent came out. It took him almost 2.5 hours but he did it! It was like magic, and I was shocked that the dent was gone. Dealing with dents on harleys is tough because it is strong metal and I had a clear coat on top of the paint. If other companies knew the job that Tan did, they should be very worried. I have sent him some pictures of before and after shots and you can see for yourself.


  • Harman Toor

    Tan is the Man. I have used Tan on two different occasions now for both of my vehicles. A 2000 Honda civic DX that was peppered with dents on both sides and it cam out amazing like nothing was ever there. My second vehicle a 2004 Audi A4 that had  minor dents that were only visible on sharp angles the car came out amazing Tan was very professional and quick as always. I would recommend Dent Vision to anyone who is looking for PDR in the lower mainland. My honda window also did not roll up and down and would fall off the track, After Tan finished the dents he took apart the door and fixed the window for me and it now works flawlessly, going above and beyond the call of duty. Now thats customer satisfication. I will always recommend and use Tan in the future even if I can get half price some where else this guy is top notch.


  • Dbert

    We were skeptical that Tan would be able to get the dents and crease out of our classic 1968 Chev but we are believers now!!….He brought back the beauty of the body line just perfectly….seeing is believing….would never of believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes….no more missing car shows!  Tan you truly are amazing!!
    Thank you
    Rick & Di

  • Ross

    Wow!  Tan was able to remove 3 or 4 significant dents in my 350Z….including a big one on the crease line.  The car is like new (at least until the next inconsiderate idiot dings me in a parking lot) and the price was outstanding.  I highly recomend him.

  • AL

    I recently had Tan work on my 2009 Shelby Super Snake. the car had an unusual dent above driver window in the roof. It had been dented in, caught a spot weld which created an outward pimple in the dent itself !   On top of that , the car is black and shows every imperfection. Tan was concerned about it, but he systematically worked on the area for quite some time. You can see he truly loves the challenge. I never seen a technician get so excited as the procedure progressed. After it was all said and done , it came out 100%.  after 2 other pdr techs said no, Tan did it !   He is one of a kind !

  • Jia

    Dent recently fixed a dent on my car with a really good price!!! My car is like brand new now!! He is a really nice guy, I highly recommend him!

  • Tanhuynh67

    Dear Tan,
    I just wanted to tell you what a great service you provide. You arrived promptly , did a fantastic job repairing the tail gate on my P/U and charged me exactly what you estimated. The conversation was a bonus. I will absolutely not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know and although I hope I don’t need body repairs again if I do my first call will be to you.
    Best regards ,
    Rob Heath

  • Brad

    Tan I just want to Thank you again for coming buy today to remove the small dent in my car.  I have used Tan’s services 3 times in the last couple years and he does great work.  Tan also is very personable and very friendly.  Anyone that needs dents removed please see Tan.

  • Carmen :)

    Tan, did a great job on my car.  He went out of his way to meet me for an estimate and then came to my home for the repair.  He was friendly and professional and I would recommend him to anyone.  Thank you Tan for making my baby new again! :)

  • Xxbabyfactor

    Tan, Thank You for your amazing service. I would recommend you to anyone

  • Jay Jun

    Hi Tan
    Thank you for your service today. I was very pleased with your repair job and exceptional customer care.

    Yours Sincerely

    Jay Jun BSc., RDT
    Pacific Skydent Dental Lab Ltd

  • RON

    TAN IS GREAT!! He did a job that others would not take on….he has the eyes and the quick hands of a 400 hitter! The cost was most reasonable and the cheerful service is free!!

  • Sandra Sutton

    We had Dent Vision come by and work on two vehicles. Tan was awesome, the repairs were made quickly perfectly and the cost so reasonable. I highly recommend Tan’s service. The customer service was incredible. Thank you Tan


    Thanks a lot TAN
    He did really amazing job .He fixed really tough dent on my 2013 VW Jetta which was on driver door bodyline. After he finished removing dent he ask me to take a look and after looking at it I was actually asking him where exactly was the dent !! He laughed and said I like to hear this. His services are highly recommended.
    Thanks again
    Surrey BC

  • Kyle

    I just had my 2011 Dodge challenger fixed by TAN. It was so well done I couldn’t even believe that there was ever a dent. There was a large body line dent that all other shops were quoting me 3 days labor and over $1000. TAN fixed me up in just 3 hours and came to my place to do it!!! This is the guy the Pros call when they cant fix something!

  • Tan

    Another happy customer guys! :) thanks for everything. -Tan

    I own a 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T that is my pride and joy. The Challenger has sharp belt lines that are the widest part of the car. Someone opened up their car door on my passenger door and left a one and half inch long dent right across the belt line. It was nasty and the benefactor of my damaged Challenger didn’t leave a note.

    My first visit was to a local body shop. They quoted me $600 to fix it. The body man suggested I call Tan and had very high praise for his work.

    Tan just left my home and has done an amazing job. I was prepared for him to tell me that he couldn’t fix the dent because it was so sharp and deep. He instead treated it like a challenge. He not only fixed the sharp deep dent but found three other shallower dimples in the door that he also fixed. Tan charged me only $185 for his work. I am profoundly happy with the work that Tan has done and would highly recommend his services to those who care about their cars and want someone who also cares about the car and the customer.

    Thank you Tan for your wonderful work on my car. I am going to tell all of my friends about your work.

    Chris Mullen

  • James

    What an amazing experience! 2012 Ford Focus Titanium with a big door ding. Some ignorant at my work didn’t bother to inform me of his blunder. Dentvision to the rescue! Same day service and what a talented individual Tan is!. The dent is absolutely gone! Not a trace remains! Tan is fantastic to deal with and his standards are the highest possible. I recommend him completely.

    James St. Denis

  • Princess

    I would say,AMAZING is not enough to describe Mr tan’s service…..He is INCREDIBLE!!! A super guy next to superman i believe….Seems like he’s hiding a MAGIC WAND at his back! I can’t imagine how he did it, i just went down to get something and when i came back the huge dent was Gone,i am totaly shocked! I tried to find where exactly the dent Was,Seems like nothing happen to my car. His magical service are highly recommended at a very reasonable cost….thank you so much again Mr.tan, another one happy and very satisfied client. God bless the Good work of your Hands! Keep up the good work! Mabuhay!

  • Cindy

    Tan fixed my Accord beautifully. He is amazing and quick. So convenient and just a really great experience.

  • Short Round

    I had a shallow dent on the front fender of my metallic black car repaired. I was just hoping that the fender would be lined up so that the leading edge of the door wouldn’t be exposed. I was really impressed to see Tan had not only realigned the panel, but restored all the body lines. The repair was completely invisible. Outstanding and unbelievable repair!

  • Mike

    I had a bad cease dent about 4 inches long that another dent repair shop said it would probably need to be filled after and painted! Glad I chose to use Tan. Got it out and you can’t even tell it was ever there . Highly recommend him!

  • Mike

    That was a crease dent not a cease dent!

  • Rick

    Tan does OUTSTANDING work. I had a nasty, creased, deep dent in the door of my phantom black Audi S4 from some IDIOT smashing his door into mine. I love my car and the only way I could see this getting fixed was by bringing it to an auto body shop to have it filled, sanded, painted, etc, but I decided to give Dent Vision a try first… And I’m glad I did! Tan fixed the dent, polished the paint, all in about 30 minutes while my car was in my driveway, and for a very reasonable charge! The dent is COMPLETELY gone, and even looking for it, I can’t tell where it was. As corny as it sounds, it’s as good as new. You guys are awesome. Thanks for fixing my baby!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you so much guys, you really provided a helpful information which can help people like me. Thanks alot! you people do really an appreciable work. I found some useful information on , and I have a feeling that you should have a look at it once. you never know what good can happen!!!

  • Ratherberidin

    Tan is a miracle worker. I was amazed at what he did on my 1990 motorcycle gas tank with original paint that I wanted to preserve. I would use his services again without question! Highly recommended!

  • Thai

    Tan’s the man. I brought my 2016 Land Rover to Tan with a nasty side panel dent in it. Tan worked his magic and within an hour the car looked as though it had just rolled off the factory floor. His rates were also below a couple of other quotes i received. I would highly recommend Tan and will for sure use him in the future if need be. Once again awesome job Tan!

  • Gloria

    I was very happy with the work Tan did on my car. He pulled out a nasty ding from my door. I cannot even tell where it used to be. He also buffed some scratches on from my hood. Awesome job!

  • Tim Williams

    Tan did an amazing repair. I had a large dent in the side of my truck that included a decal. He managed to g et the dent out and save the decal. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Benny Nguyen

    I have a white Mercedes c350 coupe and its white. There we’re 3 small door dings not noticeable unless you really look at it at an angle. Tan did an exceptional amazing job and 100% fixed and asked if it’s good. I said it looks original but he said it’s not even finished. I was surprise about how he taught how to use the surrounding of the reflection that you don’t notice and tips and how to use the lightning. Highly recomend Dent vision!

  • Hannah Santos

    Brought my Mitsubishi Mirage that had a nasty dent on the bumper. Out of all body shops I contacted, Tan is the only one that said he can do it! Asked him on a short notice and he fixed it the same day I brought the car! Couldn’t even find the dent that was on my car before! Highly recommend his service! :)

  • Ray

    Tan is outstanding!! I like the fact that he is very picky and meticulous with his work. My car looks brand new again. I will definitely use his services again.

  • Paaren Mihtla

    Tan is a dent fix-it guru. I had a complex compound dent in my 2012 Touareg TDI which appeared to me as unfix-able. Tan got it out in about 45 Min. Tan is a real dent wizard and I would recommend him to anyone.

  • herminio naval

    I bought a brand new 2018 Subaru Outback limited and unfortunately within 6 weeks the door behind the driver side got dented. Tan did an amazing job like nothing happened to the SUV and it’s like brand new again. His price is reasonable and most of all his customer service is outstanding. I had to drive from Richmond to Surrey even though there’s a lot of pdr services that are closer but it is totally worth it. I would absolutely recommend that you bring your vehicle to him. You’re in good hands with Tan!

  • Jim Kenji Chan

    I’ve got a 2010 Toyota Rav4. My small dent was professionally repaired with absolute precision. Mr Tan was very meticulous and very exacting . Not only did he save me a lot of money, he made his service so convenient by coming to my home. Mr Tan is a very courteous individual who will accept no compromise. I am very impressed. So amazing! Very satisfied!

  • John Gamba

    My black BMW X4 M40I got deliberately slammed by a vehicle door at a parking lot. The damage was a 10” vertical crease that intersected a horizontal ridge on the door profile. Thought there wasn’t any paint damage, I NEVER thought it could be removed Without expensive bodywork.
    I was referred by Richmond auto body a.k.a. Open road exotic cars group to dent vision. Allowed to watch him work it was a miracle to see the entire dent removed to the point where you could not tell at all even close up and with mirrors and lighting all around that there was ever an impact.
    As a matter fact other imperfections now visible in the paint made me realize I needed to get a finishing surface redone which didn’t vision properly did on the door just to showcase their work.
    I highly recommend dent vision.
    And will always consider this is a first alternative to More expensive repair options.

  • Ron Kubara Tan at Dentvision is truly a master above and beyond others in his field. He has done past work for me fixing dent and paint damage that I could no longer see or find. Today I picked up my 1990 300ZX Twin Turbo collectors car that is in excellent original condition other than dozens of dents and chips with some in what I thought were impossible places to repair. It looks stunning and he saved painting the car helping to increase its value. Always call Tan before going to the body shop!

  • Tom Kramer

    I know there are a lot of great comments / reviews here … but we feel compelled to add to the list! We can’t say enough about Tan and Dent Vision. Our new Volvo XC90 T8 was less than 24 hours old from the time we had taken delivery (and had waited 4 months for a factory order), when we received a nasty, deep, sharp door door ding that I can only assume was intentional. After a quick google search and read of the reviews, we contacted Tan. We had a 6 hour window to get this work done while in the Metro Van area, and Tan made it happen for us. There is NO WAY of telling where this dent was! No hint of how he did the work (other then the pictures he shared of our inside door panel taken completely apart), and he even washed the car for us!!!! Tan is not only the dent-whisperer, but a fine and caring man! Thanks Tan for taking the sour out of what was an exciting time for us. We love our new car and can’t say enough about what you have done for us!